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BILLY FIELD is an Australian singer/songwriter.…his music is inspired by many influences including Rock, RnB & Jazz.
His early years were spent on the family Sheep, Wheat & Cattle Station in the Western Riverina, New South Wales.
After his father became Managing Director of his Family’s group of Pastoral Stations his family moved to Sydney. Not long after arriving in Sydney, at the age of eight, he was enrolled in a Sydney Boarding School.
After this, most of his holidays were spent in dusty Sheep and Cattle yards working with the various Station Managers, Overseers & Hands doing various livestock work including Mustering, Drafting, Shearing, Dipping, Lamb & Calf Marking and so on.
At the age of 14 Yrs. whilst at Boarding School an older boy (Drummer Hamish Stuart’s brother John) taught him to play the Bass Guitar. Not long after he met some boys from nearby Schools and they formed a Band, later to be called “King Fox”. At the age of 15yrs, the Band won a Band competition and had their first hit “Unforgotten Dreams”. This led to many weekend engagements including TV shows and performing at some of the large Multi Band Concerts that were staged in those days.
After leaving School Billy left the Band & studied Business Administration & Commerce at Mitchell CAE (Today- Charles Sturt University). His studies were discontinued due to the death of his father.
After this went to works at Widgiewa Station on a fulltime basis. Much of his early music music was written during the evenings he spent there.

In the late 70’s he was offered a job playing in a Piano-bar in Noumea, New Caledonia at The Moccombo Hotel for a month. After one month there, numerous Months followed.
He then decided to leave Station life forever & play Music.
During the late 70’s he kept writing songs and played in Bars and Hotels around Sydney, and often with Guitar player/Singer Andrew Richardson.
Andrew decided to build a Recording Studio and asked Billy to join him in this venture. Sometime later, in 1978, “Paradise Studio”  in Woolloomooloo, Sydney (in the Kings Cross area) was completed.
Fortunately, the Studio was hired by some excellent Producers, including Mark Opitz and others, and many Hit Records followed. Also, the Studio was lucky to enlist the talents of Richard Lush as Chief Engineer (who had not long come to Australia from working at Abbey Rd. with the Beatles).

Some of the Gold & Platinum Records and Albums that came out of Paradise Studio were from INXS, Cold Chisel, Air Supply, Split Enz, Icehouse, Mondo Rock, Richard Clapton, Billy Field, The Models, Jimmy Barnes, Divinyls, Sherbet, Mark Hunter/Dragon, Matt Finish,  Midnight Oil, Slim Dusty, Lee Kernaghan, Gina Jeffries and many others. There were also Orchestral Records, Film Scores and countless Jingles for Terry Hanigan, Wayne Thomas, MoJo, Les Gock & others.

From that time until now Billy has continued writing and recording all sorts of music and playing numerous Concerts, Bars & private Parties….

For the past 35 years in his personal life, he has been an active internet “researcher” and “Anti-War activist” focused on seeking to understand why we have Wars & how to prevent them. He believes he has thus far been “pretty unsuccessful” in opposing massively rich and powerful “vested interests” but also believes, “The change to Global Peace is happening and will soon come about by internet and “person to person communications”.
He says he imagines it might happen in much in the same way that Gandhi brought about changes in India. He says a “Peaceful Revolution by the 99%” to end Global Wars can likely happen if and when “the 99%” say to their Governments “no to wars of choice”  and “No to foreign interventions”.
Also, “Let the locals in foreign lands sort out their own “leadership problems”. This requires winning the “Hearts & Minds” and “Battle of ideas” with the masses and “we all need to contribute to this”… He also says “too many believe the Media”.
And, “We need to spread the word that due to technology Global Peace is possible today. It only requires the masses stand together and tell their Govts. “we demand no more of this”…and only Vote for Politicians committed to this.
Due to current Technologies, we now live in an era where there can be “Plenty for all” & “The 99% have a shared common interest in ending all Wars which are simply the result of the “failings of politics” & “corruption of economics” along with folks being hoodwinked by control of the narrative causing “corrupt debate”.
He also believes that universal Education & the eradication of Global under-development, poverty & injustice needs to be a very high priority for “all people” now. “What can explain the failures of the World Bank, IMF & UN and many other institutions charged with responsibility for Global Peace & Development & Justice if it is not corruption,” he says.
He believes only a revolution in everyone’s thinking based on idealism promoted by folks like Musicians & Artists can bring about the widespread removal of injustice & suffering from the planet… Artistic visions & observations are inspiring but more of the same from the “Status Quo” is not …

For Example, “When one considers the post WW2 “Miracle” transformation of Japan from rubble to massive & rapid development & prosperity in only 25-35yrs, & the same success in China today it proves that all problems of poverty & suffering are really due the failures of Politics & Economics & Peoples acceptance of this.
He is currently developing a line of “Inspiration T-Shirts” to promote of our shared Humanity & Values, & crucial need for Universal Peace & Development, & uniform sensible Justice.
Change can only happen if the battle for hearts minds is won by “people to people” communication. “Every individual can promote the change in person & on the internet & we will create a beautiful & joyful world for all future decedents.” The alternative is not an option!
With sensible policies regarding waste, environment & population growth the World today with current technology has abundant resources & capacity for plenty of food, energy & all other needs for all inhabitants.
He says “The Eco-debate gets Hi-Jacked by vested interests eg neglecting the waste debate…we must reduce an increase in global population until we can attain global peace & goodwill & friendship between all peoples and some sensible standard of living for all.
We allegedly live in a democracy yet our government’s spy on us in secret & then do not act with transparency. This is the antithesis of Democracy. We also have a complete failure in our Education system regarding violence, prejudice & maliciousness in human relations. And also those lacking courtesy & respect for their fellow mankind; it is ignorance really. There is only one problem in the world & that’s ignorance & with the genius of the internet we can eradicate an enormous amount of this.

Don’t miss this hugely talented singer/ songwriter with the distinctive vocal style singing many of the hits that have made him a Number 1 chart topper since he burst on to the Australian music scene with Bad Habits in 1981.


Australia, Asia, Europe, New Zealand, New Caledonia, United States & Japan


Don Lane, Mike Walsh, Ray Martin, Paul Hogan, Val Doonican, Bert Newton, Countdown, Jonathon Coleman, Donnie
Sutherland Sounds, Hey Hey It’s Saturday.


ABC TV, BBC TV, 60 Minutes, Mike Willesee, A Current Affair, Good Morning Australia


Radio and Records Award – Best New Single and Best New Album

ARIA Award – Gold Single – Bad Habits

ARIA Award – Triple Platinum Album – Bad Habits

ARIA Award – Gold Single – You Weren’t in Love with Me

APRA Award – Most Performed Composition – You Weren’t in Love with Me

Tokyo Music Festival Award – Gold Prize for Live Performance

1979-90 26 Ampex Golden Reel Awards on behalf of Paradise Studios and Billy Field

COVERS: Songs written by Billy Field or Billy Field and Tom Price) have been recorded by Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), David Lee Roth, Henri Salvadore, Reg Livermore, The Weather Girls and featured
in Broadway Shows……………………………………


In 1989, Billy set up and managed his own recording studio in Woolloomooloo, Sydney. Some of the Australian legends who have recorded albums at Paradise Studios are:

Cold Chisel, Icehouse, Midnight Oil, The Angels, Air Supply, Men At Work, INXS, Mental as Anything, The Divinyls.

BILLY FIELD will be appearing with his band, singing jazz, blues, rock’n’roll plus original songs and his classic hits over 20+ years (and he looks so young!)

About Paradise Studio

Billy owned and managed the legendary Paradise Recording Studio in Woolloomooloo in Sydney (Near Kings Cross) in 1978 and later in 2001, the Studio re-located to Gosford NSW (Approx. 1 Hrs. drive from Sydney CBD). In addition to TV & Radio Commercials recorded for Mojo, Terry Hannigan, Les Gock, G. Wayne Thomas, Jimmy Sloggart and many others the Studio also recorded numerous Jazz Albums & Movie Soundtracks. Particularly for the famous Bill Motzing & others. Some of the legendary Australian Bands that have recorded some 50 Gold &/or Platinum Albums at Paradise Studios are:

Cold Chisel, INXS, Icehouse, Midnight Oil, The Angels, Spit Enz, Air Supply, Men At Work, Mental as Anything, The Divinyls, Richard Clapton, Vince Jones & Grace Knight, James Morrison, Slim Dusty, Lee Kernigan, Gina Jeffries.

BILLY FIELD Band still plays Concerts, Cabarets and Parties with bands from Trios to 8 piece band stomping out fun rock’n’roll, Rn’B & Jazz standards along with his original hit songs – 40 years later, still going strong (and he looks so young!).

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what we offer

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Billy Field “Piano & Bass Duo” plays all kinds of “Party or Dance Music” for all sorts of Parties, Events & Functions. From a wide repertoire of songs by The Beatles, Stones, Billy Joel, Elton, Elvis & other…to many Jazz standards with Jazz & Latin Beats. Perfect for more intimate Parties.
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Billy Field Bad Habits Rock Band – 5 to 8 piece band – Optional supply sound and lights POA.
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Billy Field Bad Habits Cabernet/Jazz Band- 5 to 8 piece band – Optional supply sound and lights POA.
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